Band Resisted conditioning

At  Zenith Strength we use many tools to get out athletes quicker and in great condition. Band resisted sprints are a great way to combine both aspects of training. You can use these as a finisher to emphasize improving your conditioning  after a speed training session. Or, you can manipulate the rest intervals and put... Continue Reading →

Shoulder Health Part II

Since I didn't delve into the anatomy and biomechanics involved in preventing shoulder injuries in the previous post, here's a great article by B.J. Baker who's the former strength and conditioning coordinator for the Boston Red Sox talking much more in-depth about the keys to preventing shoulder injuries for athletes involved in overhead sports. Check... Continue Reading →

Shoulder Health for Overhead Athletes

At Zenith Strength, we work with a lot of tennis players and one of the concerns with the sport is  preventing shoulder injuries and keeping the athletes healthy. Without getting into too much detail with anatomy and biomechanics, a couple of areas to look at when assessing the athlete would be checking their thoracic and... Continue Reading →

Grand opening of Zenith Strength

Zenith Strength is finally open and ready to help athletes and weekend warriors reach their athletic potential. I would like to thank  all of my friends and family who came to show their support. None of this would have been possible without my parents and the support of my girlfriend who added her touches to... Continue Reading →

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