Shoulder Health for Overhead Athletes

At Zenith Strength, we work with a lot of tennis players and one of the concerns with the sport is  preventing shoulder injuries and keeping the athletes healthy.

Without getting into too much detail with anatomy and biomechanics, a couple of areas to look at when assessing the athlete would be checking their thoracic and hip mobility.

T-spine mobility, specifically thoracic extension with rotation, is necessary to perform the service motion while limiting stress on the shoulder and low back.  Mobility is also needed while performing the forehand and backhand stroke to avoid stress in the low back.

A staple of horizontal rows in the strength program is necessary to improve scapula stability which is also important for shoulder health.

I’ll delve deeper into the t-spine and hip mobility  in  upcoming posts. In the meantime here’s a great exercise we use to work on scapula stability and overall shoulder health:


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