Random Thoughts on Kettlebell Training for Tennis

I had the privilege of observing part of the Russian Kettlebell certification and participating in a free workout at the Koret Center in San Jose over the past weekend. As strength coach and athlete, there are several reasons why the kettlebell is a great tool to use in the quest of improving ones athleticism, such... Continue Reading →


Random Thoughts from the SAP Open

The past week I had an opportunity to check out Pete Sampras and Fernando Verdasco play an exhibition to open up the tournament. I was also fortunate to receive box seats to attend the final with Andy Roddick and Verdasco. Here's a few things I noticed during my time there: Firstly, Pete's  exhibition against Verdasco... Continue Reading →

Becoming Mentally Tough

Mental toughness is essential for success on the "playing field". Having great athleticism and a high skill level in your sport doesn't guarantee success if you aren't mentally tough In my opinion, mental toughness starts in the training room. If you're training hard and being tested and pushed to your physical limits you are going... Continue Reading →

Sunday Rant

There are times when you just need to get stuff off your chest. This may anger some and may enlighten others. Zach Evan Esh, a coach who I look up to and admire for his body of work as a strength coach and business man says it best. Check out his blog. Zach pretty much... Continue Reading →

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