Sunday Rant

There are times when you just need to get stuff off your chest. This may anger some and may enlighten others. Zach Evan Esh, a coach who I look up to and admire for his body of work as a strength coach and business man says it best.

Check out his blog.

Zach pretty much covers everything that is wrong with fitness in America.

From my experience, the majority of people are  looking for a shortcut to get results.  From taking steroids, (another hot topic issue), to looking for best program (see p90x) guaranteeing results in 3 months, people are constantly searching for the path of least resistance.

Seriously, what happened to putting in the work to get better. It takes time to build something;  years of training to get stronger. Unfortunately, no one wants to hear that. Train hard and you will get stronger, faster, and in better condition. Work hard and you will become a mentally tougher athlete.

This  means lifting heavy using compound movements. Squats, deadlifts, chins; using sandbags, and kettlebells or your bodyweight to change things up.  Get as far away as you can from stationary machines and work on getting stronger and you will be a better athlete.

Here’s an example of bringing the right attitude and intensity to a training session.

Achieving something great is not easy.

Train Hard!



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