Shoulder Strategies for Tennis Players

As a strength coach who works primarily with tennis players, it is paramount to keep my players healthy so they can continue competing at high level. The shoulder joint is highly susceptible to injury, and I see a lot of soft tissue restrictions and compensations with many of the tennis players who train at  Zenith Strength. A lot of the restriction involves poor mid back/t-spine mobility and poor scapula stability.

Eric Cressey, Mike Robertson and Bill Hartman are some of the best coaches that I refer to regarding shoulder health and training. Here’s the link to Robertson’s latest post about shoulder solutions. If you are a tennis player or athlete who is involved in a throwing sport, the information here will help prevent long-term shoulder issues.

Check it out.

Stay tuned as I will be posting videos regarding foam roller/soft tissue work on the mid back, and warm-ups for the shoulder girdle in the upcoming posts.

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