Thoughts on the SV Dirty Legs Spring Trail Run

I had the opportunity to work a booth at the South Valley Endurance run, bike, and duathlon,on Sunday with my good friend and Sports Chiropractor Dr. Armen Agacanyan. The majority of the athletes participating were either runners and/or cyclists and as I observed those who came in for some complimentary soft tissue and pre- race tuneups work, I noticed the similarities with some of their issues.

Almost all the athletes who came in had severe mobility restrictions in their hips. Since running is a repetitive motion that heavily taxes the hip flexors I wasn’t  surprised that they were tight after assessing them, but alarmed that very little was done to address those  issues through soft tissue/foam roller work, dynamic warmups and post race stretching in their training regimens.

The other alarming trend was almost everyone who came had ankle mobility restriction. I watched as Dr Armen, dug into their calves with the graston tool, also know as the torture device for the intense pain it causes, to help open up the soft tissue restriction and improve ankle mobility.

So here’s my point from these two observations.

If you are a competitive endurance athlete, and want to be relatively injury free you need to address ankle mobility and hip mobility issues. Everything starts with proper foot mechanics and if there is dysfunction in the ankle its only going to cause more issues up the kinetic chain to the knees, hips and low back.

Endurance athletes also need to strengthen the hips, especially the glute medius, which helps to stabilize the hip and knee while running, reducing the risk of knee tendonopathy issues.

If you are a competitive endurance athlete I would highly recommend going to a qualified strength coach to get assessed making sure any potential injury issues are addressed through prehabilitation and working with the coach so he/she can tailor a program to meet your competitive goals.

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  1. Great Blog Shyam, keep up the good work!

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