3 Observations from the Gilroy NTRP Tournament.

This past weekend I volunteered my time and set up a booth with     Dr. Armen from Active Spinal at the Gilroy Garlic Festival NTRP tournament.

Here’s 3 observations I noticed with many of the players who came in to get some soft tissue work done.

1. A lack of awareness regarding warming up and movement preparation. Playing tennis is extremely hard on the body and creates a lot of wear and tear in the shoulders, knees and low back. One way to decrease the chance of injury is to make sure you warm up and prepare your body for the demands of the game. By using a soft ball and/or a foam roller and rolling out the lower body and mid back, and combining this with some dynamic movements to loosen up the hip flexors, hamstrings and hip adductors you will ensure longevity in your tennis career.

2.Get Assessed by a qualified professional. A simple overhead squat test will show movement restrictions/tightness in the ankles, hips and mid back and can give clues as to why, a specific muscle is injured. Not surprisingly when I had the players perform this test, the majority of issues were with ankle mobility issues and hip tightness. Not addressing these issues and only training on the tennis court will ultimately lead to an  injury and time off the court.

3.Training and staying in shape for tennis. This goes hand in hand with the first two observations. Not training or preparing for tournaments will lead to an injury. If you are going to compete and play at a high level you might want to seriously consider investing in a qualified strength coach who can help address movement issues and design a program to get you performing at higher level.

By training for tennis, I also don’t mean doing endless sets of benching which is going to lead to a shoulder issue. Focus on getting the lower body stronger, on push up variations instead of benching and strengthening the  mid back and scapular stabilizers with rowing variations.

Train hard!



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