Functional Movement Screen Seminar Oct. 9th

Zenith Strength is proud to announce that the functional movement screen certification and seminar will be held Oct 9th at the facility in Santa Clara

The FMS designed  by Gray Cook and Lee Burton is one of the most highly regarded movement screens in the industry.

Here’s an excerpt from FMS website:

“The philosophy behind the FMS is rooted in the concept that, in order to maximize performance, the whole body must be functioning properly. When the body is considered as a chain of individual elements, it’s reasonable that a weak link weakens the entire chain. Ignoring a weak link increases the potential for disaster, and strengthening the wrong links will not improve the integrity of the chain. The FMS provides the means to identify and resolve any weak links that may be jeopardizing the body and its healthy motion.

We are excited to integrate the FMS into our assessment protocol to better serve our athletes to help identify weakness and improve their movement, reduce the likelihood of injuries and enhance performance and athleticism.

We will be integrating these assessment tools along with our training protocols with the Full time program kids at the Eagle/Fustar tennis academy, working with their top tennis players to get them faster on the court, stronger and improving overall athleticism.

To sign up for the FMS seminar check out click here. Space is limited.

Stay tuned for more training related articles coming soon this week.


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