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Single Leg Variations for Tennis

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The necessity for single leg training in your program is undeniable if you are an athlete. Think of the how many movements involve one leg contacting the ground while the other leg is in the air.

After reading  Advances in Functional Training by Mike Boyle, and reading a lot of Mike Roberston’s articles  looking into the rationale of single leg work I agree with the trend that is shifting towards implementing more single leg work.  That doesn’t mean we don’t integrate any bilateral work either. We still have our athletes trap bar deadlift and squat but no matter how much you squat or deadlift if you’re not implementing single leg work in your training, you are never going to reach your athletic potential.

We use many variations and we classify our single leg exercises as knee dominant and hip dominant. Some of the exercises overlap and involve a little of both.  We like reverse lunges, split squats with the back foot elevated, lateral lunges, walking lunges, and single leg Romanian dead-lifts to name a few.

However, for  even more variations and progressions, Josh Henkin has come up with some creative ways to challenge hip stability and single leg strength.

Check out his video.

Some of these variations are advanced progressions  and don’t look as easy as he makes them look. Give them a try to change-up your single leg routine. You should see a big difference in your lower body strength, stability and an improvement on the playing field.

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