Loaded Shoulder Girdle Mobility

Today’s post is about increasing shoulder mobility through unique loaded implements.

Indian club swinging and mace swings are a great way to increase range of motion of the shoulder girdle and improve strength in multiple planes. You can start with a Indian clubs and progress to clubbells or a mace.

We like to use Indian clubs and incorporate Mace swings to improve grip strength improve shoulder girdle mobility. In addition some  of our tennis athletes have also noticed an improvement in serve velocity. Is there a correlation? It would be an interesting study.

If you have never swung a mace give it a try. It is much harder than it looks and as I mentioned previously it’s  a fantastic way to improve grip strength.

Below is a video of the traditional mace swing.

You can get a mace and other cool grip toys at Stronger Grip.

Remember to assess and qualify that  the athlete is ready to use the loaded implement.

Shoulder blades should be pulled down and packed and there should be no shrugging of the shoulders during the swings.

In addition make sure you are addressing any soft tissue restrictions such as the pecs/lats/t-spine and mobilizing them as well before giving these a go.

Here’s a great lat stretch.

Give these a try and see if you notice an improvement in mobility.

Stay Healthy,



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