Glute-Ham Raise Regression

If you are an athlete who is interested in getting faster and more explosive you need to add glute ham raises in your training program if you're not doing so already. Glute-ham raises are fantastic for training the posterior chain which is usually lacking in many people and developing hamstring and hip extension strength which... Continue Reading →


Overhead drill with a Twist.

At Zenith Strength we are constantly thinking about ways to get more creative to help our athletes improve. My brother who is a tennis coach mentioned that most players have issues with the proper footwork for the overhead. After watching some of Eric Cressey's med ball drills that he does with his pitchers, I came... Continue Reading →

Assessing the Basketball Player

Assessments and corrective exercise are extremely important factor in designing a strength and conditioning program. It doesn't matter the sport you play or the goals you have. The coach needs to have an idea on how you well you move and the easiest way to do that is with a few exercises. Before we get... Continue Reading →

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