Glute-Ham Raise Regression

If you are an athlete who is interested in getting faster and more explosive you need to add glute ham raises in your training program if you’re not doing so already.

Glute-ham raises are fantastic for training the posterior chain which is usually lacking in many people and developing hamstring and hip extension strength which is important if your focus is on improving speed and quickness.

The problem is that the glute ham raise is very hard to perform. Most people won’t be able to complete reps without severely arching their backs using lumbar extension instead of hip extension, definitely not something you want to do if you would like to keep your low back healthy and pain-free.

Mike Robertson has a great instructional video on how to perform the glute ham raise correctly.

We came up with a glute ham regression using the pull up revolution pro, which deloads the body on the eccentric portion so the athlete can achieve full hip extension and also  assists the client for the concentric portion so that the athlete can work on maintaining neutral spine.

Daniel demonstrates the glute ham raise regression below:

Once the athlete can perform a couple sets of 6-8 reps with solid form, we gradually reduce the band assistance and will eventually progress to loading them with chains.

Another benefit to improving strength through glute ham raises is that it transfers over to improving the deadlift and squat.

Mike Robertson has an article about this you can check out here.

If your goal is improve your explosiveness or you would like to improve strength by lifting heavier stuff, give this regression a try and then start progressing and improving your strength.

Train Hard!



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