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Articles and Videos that Caught my Eye.

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It’s been a while since my last post. I just got back from the Soin family reunion in Philadelphia. Congrats toΒ  my cousin who got married and it was great to see the family.

Things are getting busier at Zenith Strength. We just ordered a Pit Shark Belt Squat machine that should be in sometime in December.Β  We now have another tool to work with our athletes in season to blast the lower body and also work through some upper body injuries for those who can’t front or back squat. I’ll write an article on hip belt squat and post videos once that arrives.

There is so much info on the web with so many coaches blogging and writing articles I thought I would pick a few I liked. As a strength coach, I have a huge list of coaches I follow for training related info, sports performance and rehab/injury prevention stuff. Unfortunately, the majority of people and athletes never get their hands on this information and continue to do some pretty ridiculous stuff because they read it in a magazine or the buddy told them to try a certain exercise.

Here are a couple ofΒ  articles and videos that I wanted to share.

Practical Guide to GPP

This is a nice article that will appeal to a lot of athletes and lifters alike. Plus when you start referencing Dan John you have to check it out.

Tips for Time Management Part 1 and part 2.

Lots of good advice from Brian St Pierre for general lifestyle and time management tips for a healthy lifestyle.

And a couple of videos on ankle mobility byMatt Siniscalchi

We see quite a few athletes who have some sort of ankle restriction which can result in knee, back and even shoulder issues.

I like these variations.