The Importance of Recovery

Recovery is a arguably the most underutilized process in training. Everyone wants to train hard and often to get results and if you’re an athlete that includes practicing your sport. However, without adding recovery techniques to help the body adapt and improve from your training sessions, the work you put in the weight room is futile and will only lead to frustration.

The bottom line is basic recovery principles such as getting in 8-9hrs of sleep per night, going to bed at a reasonable hour(before midnight), addressing nutrition and soft tissue work are integral to get the most out of your training program.

Below are a couple of articles you should check out regarding recovery.

The Parasympathetic Nervous System:Looking for a Way In. by Patrick Ward a respected and knowledgeable  strength and conditioning coach and licensed massage therapist whose opinion I highly respect especially regarding recovery principles and the nervous system.

Patrick talks about the parasympathetic nervous system and the role breathing has with stress, pain and recovery.

Sleep by Joey Giandonato talking about the role of sleep and why it is important.


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