Form Tips on the Inverted Row

Today's post is a guest post from coach Nick Tumminello from Performance University.  I think Nick is one of the more creative coaches in the industry and his dvd Angled Barbell Training is a great resource if you're looking to learn new exercises to use with the Landmine. The inverted row and its progressions are... Continue Reading →


The Number One Key to Losing Weight

Today's post is a guest post from Colin Triplett. Colin is the owner of Mint Condition Fitness in Los Gatos and he specializes in working with clients who want to lose weight and get in shape. He combines his training with a  holistic approach to improve the  overall health and wellness of his clients. Colin ... Continue Reading →

Are Our Youth Athletes Soft

Here's a guest post from Dr. Craig Liebenson one of the premier Sport Chiros and injury experts in the world. His article talks about playing in pain and the consequences of playing a sport year round and the evidence showing that playing year round is not in the best interests of an athlete who wants... Continue Reading →

Speed Training for Young Athletes

Sometimes as coaches we forget to adapt our coaching styles based on the age and development of the our clients. Here's a guest post video from Dave Gleason regarding training youth athletes in the 6-10 year old range and developing key skills such as coordination, agility, mobility and stabilization while keeping the session fun. It... Continue Reading →

Speed Training for Young Athletes

Today's post is a guest post from Eric Cressey of Cressey performance located in Boston. His take on speed and quickness training for young athletes was dead on and I had to share it. Check it out here. Cressey brings up some great points in his post about preparing athletes i.e. improving mobility, stability and... Continue Reading →

Mind over Matter

There are too many times in life, whether its training or competing in a sport that individuals give up when going gets tough, refusing to dig in and use the power of the mind to overcome fatigue. Here's a guest post from my friend Jason Gor of Raise the Bar Fitness in San Francisco writing... Continue Reading →

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