Articles and Videos that Caught my Eye.

It's been a while since my last post. I just got back from the Soin family reunion in Philadelphia. Congrats to¬† my cousin who got married and it was great to see the family. Things are getting busier at Zenith Strength. We just ordered a Pit Shark Belt Squat machine that should be in sometime... Continue Reading →


Speed Training for Young Athletes

Today's post is a guest post from Eric Cressey of Cressey performance located in Boston. His take on speed and quickness training for young athletes was dead on and I had to share it. Check it out here. Cressey brings up some great points in his post about preparing athletes i.e. improving mobility, stability and... Continue Reading →

5 Tips to improve your Vertical Jump

Every athlete I have ever worked with wants to get faster, quicker, improve their speed. Before I discuss the 5 things you must do to improve your vertical jump I want to briefly explain how we test power output at Zenith Strength and the rationale behind the tests. We test the vertical jump using the... Continue Reading →

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