3 Things I Learned in 2012

2012 was a big year in terms of continuing my education and having an understanding of how the body works and how different segments of the body can affect each other. Below are 3 aha moments that I learned in 2012 and how they are related to each other. 1. Extension is the new flexion.... Continue Reading →


Wall Slide Variation with Bands

Wall slides are a great "bang for your buck" exercise to keep the shoulders healthy especially if you're an athlete involved in overhead sports or are coming off a shoulder injury. Here are a few reasons why I like using wall slides so much. 1. Improving shoulder external range of motion. I remember first learning... Continue Reading →

Core Stability in your Training Program

Assessing and addressing core stability is an important part of a solid strength and conditioning program . The reason for that is the better you can control/stabilize your pelvis the better you can demonstrate force through movement. This applies to whether your goal is getting stronger and lifting heavier weights, or getting faster on the... Continue Reading →

Overhead drill with a Twist.

At Zenith Strength we are constantly thinking about ways to get more creative to help our athletes improve. My brother who is a tennis coach mentioned that most players have issues with the proper footwork for the overhead. After watching some of Eric Cressey's med ball drills that he does with his pitchers, I came... Continue Reading →

Assessing the Basketball Player

Assessments and corrective exercise are extremely important factor in designing a strength and conditioning program. It doesn't matter the sport you play or the goals you have. The coach needs to have an idea on how you well you move and the easiest way to do that is with a few exercises. Before we get... Continue Reading →

Speed Training for Young Athletes

Today's post is a guest post from Eric Cressey of Cressey performance located in Boston. His take on speed and quickness training for young athletes was dead on and I had to share it. Check it out here. Cressey brings up some great points in his post about preparing athletes i.e. improving mobility, stability and... Continue Reading →

Shoulder Strategies for Tennis Players

As a strength coach who works primarily with tennis players, it is paramount to keep my players healthy so they can continue competing at high level. The shoulder joint is highly susceptible to injury, and I see a lot of soft tissue restrictions and compensations with many of the tennis players who train at  Zenith... Continue Reading →

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