Which Squat Variation Should Athletes Use?

I remember seeing Mike Boyle at the Perform Better Summit a few years back and he turned a lot of head’s when he stated that he didn’t back squat athletes. He preferred the front squat variation to the back squat. He eventually added the front squat to the list preferring to go with single leg... Continue Reading →


Getting Back to Basics

There have been quite a few articles from some highly respected coaches talking about getting back to basics and working on their own limitations to improve and progress with their training: Its My fault Too by Tony Gentilcore Back to Basics: A Challenge for Myself by Molly Galbraith And another article on why you should... Continue Reading →

It’s All in the Coaching

I've had a lot of training related stuff on my mind lately. I think that's what happens when you immerse yourself in the field and attend a ton of seminars to learn from the best in the field. I was lucky enough to see Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson speak on the shoulder and core... Continue Reading →

Core Stability in your Training Program

Assessing and addressing core stability is an important part of a solid strength and conditioning program . The reason for that is the better you can control/stabilize your pelvis the better you can demonstrate force through movement. This applies to whether your goal is getting stronger and lifting heavier weights, or getting faster on the... Continue Reading →

Lateral Quickness Drills

Lateral quickness and the ability to change direction and cut is a necessary skill in order to perform at a high level on the playing field. Unfortunately many strength training programs don't address lateral stability and strength. Below is a list of a  few of the exercises we use at Zenith Strength to improve lateral... Continue Reading →

Overhead drill with a Twist.

At Zenith Strength we are constantly thinking about ways to get more creative to help our athletes improve. My brother who is a tennis coach mentioned that most players have issues with the proper footwork for the overhead. After watching some of Eric Cressey's med ball drills that he does with his pitchers, I came... Continue Reading →

Assessing the Basketball Player

Assessments and corrective exercise are extremely important factor in designing a strength and conditioning program. It doesn't matter the sport you play or the goals you have. The coach needs to have an idea on how you well you move and the easiest way to do that is with a few exercises. Before we get... Continue Reading →

Loaded Shoulder Girdle Mobility

Today's post is about increasing shoulder mobility through unique loaded implements. Indian club swinging and mace swings are a great way to increase range of motion of the shoulder girdle and improve strength in multiple planes. You can start with a Indian clubs and progress to clubbells or a mace. We like to use Indian... Continue Reading →

Single Leg Hip Stability Using Bands

Today's post continues along the line of knee health and hip stability as we look to get more  creative in challenging  hip stability to help alleviate knee issues. There are times when the athlete may not be able to perform a single leg reach with their body weight without their knee going everywhere and may... Continue Reading →

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