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Monday Sprint Workout at the High School

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Sprinting is one of the best ways to improve your conditioning. Whether you are a professional athlete looking to improve speed or a weekend warrior looking to stay in shape the benefits of sprinting can help an athlete of any level.

There are many different modalities one can use and it doesn’t matter whether you use the prowler, tred sled, resisted s bands, or a treadmill,Β  the important fact is get out and start running some sprints.

As an athlete, resisted sprinting is a great to increase the benefits of heavy sled drags and pushes. One of those benefits is improved hip extension or leg drive in to the ground. In order to accelerate you need to push hard in to the ground to propel yourself forward.

Check out Joe Defranco’s article on the benefits of heavy sled drags for improved acceleration.

In my opinion, adding resisted sprints adds another component of force production that compliments heavy sled dragging and pushing. For those who are lucky to have access to a tred sled they are great for resisted sprints. For everyone else, bands work well.

At Zenith Strength, we like to use the Optum SPS unit which allows you to control the amount or resistance you can add. The website claims that you can add as little as 4lbs to as much as 1000lbs or resistance.Β  OneΒ  advantage of using this piece of equipment is that the tension is constant throughout the movement and very smooth. There is no jerking or increased tension as you sprint which happens with band usage. You can also perform multi directional resisted movements as well such as side shuffles and cross over steps.

Here is a sprint workout using the Optum SPS at a local high school.

If you are new to sprinting get back into slowly and make sure to warm up and dynamically stretch the hip flexor with someΒ  lunge variations or spiderman walks.

Get out and start sprinting and enjoy the results.

Train Hard!