3 Strength Exercises to Improve Linear Acceleration

Just about every sport involves short bursts of acceleration, whether it's a wide receiver getting off the line of scrimmage to run a route or a tennis player chasing down a drop shot, an athlete's ability to accelerate is one of the most important factors that determines success on the playing field. The bottom line... Continue Reading →


Lateral Quickness Drills

Lateral quickness and the ability to change direction and cut is a necessary skill in order to perform at a high level on the playing field. Unfortunately many strength training programs don't address lateral stability and strength. Below is a list of a  few of the exercises we use at Zenith Strength to improve lateral... Continue Reading →

The Power of Hip Strength

In my coaching experience the number one factor in determining athletic prowess is power output or force production. The athlete who can produce higher amounts of force into the ground is going to accelerate and hit top speed much quicker than the weaker less explosive counterpart. Since acceleration is essentially the “name of the game”... Continue Reading →

Speed Training Using Bands

Bands are a great tool to use improve 1st step acceleration and quickness. Since the tension increases as the band lengthens, this forces the athlete to accelerate against the resistance.  We often follow band resisted drills with body weight shuffles and sprints to take advantage of the nervous system stimulation. The athlete will be able... Continue Reading →

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