5 Tips to improve your Vertical Jump

Every athlete I have ever worked with wants to get faster, quicker, improve their speed. Before I discuss the 5 things you must do to improve your vertical jump I want to briefly explain how we test power output at Zenith Strength and the rationale behind the tests. We test the vertical jump using the... Continue Reading →


3 Observations from the Gilroy NTRP Tournament.

This past weekend I volunteered my time and set up a booth with     Dr. Armen from Active Spinal at the Gilroy Garlic Festival NTRP tournament. Here's 3 observations I noticed with many of the players who came in to get some soft tissue work done. 1. A lack of awareness regarding warming up and movement... Continue Reading →

3 Training Mistakes to Avoid for Tennis Players

There is so much training related information these days that its hard to know if the information you're reading is credible. My clients all have similar goals regarding performance training. They all want to become better athletes. In the case of the tennis player, the requirements to become better athletically are still the same. You... Continue Reading →

Deepak Sabada Wins Again

Congratulations to Deepak Sabada for winning the Diamond Hills 18's Jr. Championship! Deepak took out the #12 ranked player in the boys 18'S division in the semi-finals en route to the title. This is his second tournament win this year and he has been on a 15-1 tear his last 16 matches. Keep up the... Continue Reading →

Sandbags for Shoulder Mobility

Since we work with a lot of tennis players at Zenith Strength, shoulder health and mobility is one of our primary concerns. Sandbags are a great tool to use in any strength and conditioning program. Josh Henkin, is a strength coach widely regarded as the sand bag guy. Here's a great shoulder mobility exercise that... Continue Reading →

Shoulder Mobility Drills

In the last post I talked about shoulder health and the importance of having mobility in the mid back or T-spine. Here are a couple of drills to improve your mid back mobility. The first video is basic soft tissue preparation to loosen up the mid back and work on thoracic extension range of motion... Continue Reading →

Shoulder Strategies for Tennis Players

As a strength coach who works primarily with tennis players, it is paramount to keep my players healthy so they can continue competing at high level. The shoulder joint is highly susceptible to injury, and I see a lot of soft tissue restrictions and compensations with many of the tennis players who train at  Zenith... Continue Reading →

Random Thoughts from the SAP Open

The past week I had an opportunity to check out Pete Sampras and Fernando Verdasco play an exhibition to open up the tournament. I was also fortunate to receive box seats to attend the final with Andy Roddick and Verdasco. Here's a few things I noticed during my time there: Firstly, Pete's  exhibition against Verdasco... Continue Reading →

Becoming Mentally Tough

Mental toughness is essential for success on the "playing field". Having great athleticism and a high skill level in your sport doesn't guarantee success if you aren't mentally tough In my opinion, mental toughness starts in the training room. If you're training hard and being tested and pushed to your physical limits you are going... Continue Reading →

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