Lower Body Tennis Strength and Conditioning.

I'm excited to announce that Zenith Strength finally got our Pit Shark belt squat machine in. Here's a quick clip using the machine. http://youtu.be/UywVgOXjgOk Here's a quick video highlight of our lower body training session for our tennis players. http://youtu.be/yX4ihTtlxQg We started off with handle deadlifts on the Pit Shark belt squat. I really like... Continue Reading →


3 Strength Exercises to Improve Linear Acceleration

Just about every sport involves short bursts of acceleration, whether it's a wide receiver getting off the line of scrimmage to run a route or a tennis player chasing down a drop shot, an athlete's ability to accelerate is one of the most important factors that determines success on the playing field. The bottom line... Continue Reading →

Overhead drill with a Twist.

At Zenith Strength we are constantly thinking about ways to get more creative to help our athletes improve. My brother who is a tennis coach mentioned that most players have issues with the proper footwork for the overhead. After watching some of Eric Cressey's med ball drills that he does with his pitchers, I came... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Training at the Facility

Here's a glimpse of the workout from Tuesday the 28th of September working with the tennis players from Eagle Fustar full-time program. We have top players training including, Eric Johnson who is ranked in the top 30 Nationally in the boys 18's, Jelena Pandzic just got to the finals of a WTA pro event several... Continue Reading →

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