Why You Need to Ditch Plastic ASAP

There’s no denying it… plastic has overrun our lives, and not in any way that is good -- neither for the environment, nor for our health. Plastics are literally everywhere, especially in all aspects of food storage: containers, plastic wrap, zipper bags, straws -- and everything else imaginable! Here’s WHY and HOW to ditch plastic…... Continue Reading →

Why All Disease Begins in the Gut

While Hippocrates coined the phrase, “all disease begins in the gut” thousands of years ago, current research is finding there’s much truth in this ancient piece of wisdom!   If you think your intestinal tract is only responsible for digestion and waste elimination, think again… your gut also plays a big role in immune system... Continue Reading →

Can You Really Lose Just Belly Fat?

The quick ‘n dirty answer is Yes...and No.   The ‘NO’ part is that “spot reduction” or losing fat from just one area on your body has officially been labeled as a myth. Fat can’t just choose to come off from only one area!   So, it truly doesn’t matter how many crunches you do... Continue Reading →

Six Ways to Biohack Your Sleep

When was the last time you woke up without an alarm, refreshed and didn’t need a big bucket of coffee to get going in the morning?   There’s no question that we all want better sleep! But, with all of the distractions, and stresses of daily life - it’s a wonder how any of us... Continue Reading →

Eating for Bone Health

Eating For Bone Health Did you know that by the time you reach 30 years of age, you will have already achieved your peak bone mass?   This is why it is important to start building up a sufficient amount of bone mass in your body when you’re younger. Otherwise you might have a higher... Continue Reading →

Spot Training: Possible or Myth?

You’ve probably heard the claims that you can change your body overnight with this brand new gadget or exercise program “Lose the belly” “Banish your trouble zones” “Drop stubborn fat off your thighs by drinking this special shake” There are so many gadgets, supplements, nutritional products and exercise programs on the market these days telling... Continue Reading →

What Are The Healthiest Oils & Fats To Cook With?

If you haven’t heard by now, fat is your friend!   Dietary fat provides energy, supports cell maintenance, enhances nutrient absorption, and is essential for producing some hormones.   Dietary fat got a bad reputation back when, blamed for increasing rates of obesity and heart disease. Now, thanks to science and the increasing popularity of... Continue Reading →

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